Adventure Camp

This package involves a visit to a special adventure camp in Ras Al Khaimah, where the care takers teach about the ethics of living in a camp, and how one can survive in the sanctity of a natural environment. Packed with team building activities, this trip offers youth and elders a chance to spend a day together and develop their social and professional skills



  • Experience camp environment, and the learn the ethics of living in one
  • Learn about your surroundings and how to take care of them
  • Basic teaching on survival and vital skills related to it
  • Visit a traditonal Majlis - the meeting centre; learn about the history and purpose of it in Arabian Culture
  • Acquire basic knowledge on Archery and its technique
  • Develop communication, leadership and teamworking skills when working in groups during activities
One Day Tour

11:00 am : Arrive at the center, Check in and freshen up

11:15 am : Introduction to the event

11:20 am : Wilderness Survival

01:20 pm : Lunch

02:00 pm : Archery

03:30 pm : Majlis Trek

05:00 pm : Leisure time

5:40 pm – Departure