What are Expedition Cruises?


We are all about exploration travel on unique expedition cruises. It involves sailing on smaller ships with adventurous itineraries to remote and once–in–a-lifetime destinations. An experience on these is about getting off the ship and exploring the destination, rather than just chilling on ship.

On-board you will find like-minded adventurers who value personal growth over luxury. These are usually small 250-500 passenger ships which will be your base camp at sea, and are facilitated with panoramic lounges, have casual and relaxed atmosphere, great food, and quality equipment for exploring rather than waterslides, casinos or dress codes, thus making it easy to sail deeper and make you connect with your inner explorer! On our journeys you will:

Learn and wonder with those who are enthusiastic, curious and have immense experience about the places
Visit places that will wow with their beauty, history of a civilization, culture of people or habitat of the wild
See the Remote landscapes, rare wildlife or simply tick off your dream to experience a natural wonder or a rare journey
11 Reasons to travel with us
Safety is our Priority
All our sailings are with Hurtigruten, which carries 125 years of exploring experience, dating back to 1893. Being a world leader in sustainable explorer travels in Polar Regions, our sailings are led by experts with years of experience and deep knowledge of environment. These experts comprise of captains who have sailed more than 200 expeditions and spent more than 51000 hours in polar waters, and crews who have survived in extreme conditions. The ships are ice-classed and fully equipped to meet unexpected challenges. Keeping safety as the top most priority, the final itinerary of our sailings is decided by the captain during the voyage based on weather conditions.

The Expedition Team
Our journeys are hosted by an Expedition Team, who have specific expertise in relevant fields and enthusiastic in sharing knowledge about the areas visited. During lectures out on deck, informal gatherings and conversational activities, they provide valuable insights about the surrounding history, geology, environmental challenges, biology and more. As trained photographers, they will offer workshops/tips to ensure you capture moments as vividly as you experience them! They will also be your guide for exciting shore excursions or landings, take a lead on many hikes and activities to take you closer to nature, all the while ensuring high standards of sustainability
We Travel Responsibly
Travelling to regions where nature, people and wildlife are unique, leaves a certain impact and footprint, which is crucial to acknowledge. Our sailings ensure guests experience highest environmental awareness on-board and on-shore via lectures and small actions such as voluntary participation in Clean Up Svalbard Program or contributing towards Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. Our journeys are with a cruise operator who is part of networks IAATO and AECO to promote safe and environmentally responsible tourism to Antarctica and the Arctic.

PacK like an explorer
There are several things to remember and bring along when you are coming on an expedition with us. To make packing a bit easier, we have drawn up a pack list, covering both polar areas and expeditions in warmer waters. If you should forget something, don‘t worry! On board all of our ships you will find a shop with a wide range of clothes and practical items.