Discover authentic Greenland and meet the people who call it home on a voyage which explores Greenland exclusively. Go on adventures among colossal icebergs, mountains and fjords to explore the biggest island in the world. Greenland, or “the Land of the People”, offers unique encounters with isolated Inuit communities. Let Hurtigruten’s special expedition cruises bring you to first-hand interactions with wild nature in the Arctic seas.

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Book by 31 Mar 2018 on the Midnight Sun Exploration to Thule sailing in July or Aug 2018 and Save AED 5400 on the given price per person

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Iceland Exclusive Cruise


Book by 31 Mar 2018 on the Elves Sagas and Volcanoes of Iceland sailing in May or June 2018 OR From the Wilderness of Newfoundland and Labrador to the Magic of Iceland sailing in May 2018 and Save AED 2700 on the given price per person

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Voyages to Greenland

Greenlad Packages

STARTING FROM AED 21,230 per person

Discover the Heart of Greenland

Enjoy Amazing Arctic Experiences in the Disco Bay area. Explore giant icebergs, fjords, wildlife and spectacular landscape. Get an authentic experience of Greenland and the people living here. Experience The Midnight Sun -24 hours daylight during the entire trip

Travel Period 30th June, 10th July and 20th July 2018

Duration 12 Days

☉ Kangerlussuaq – Disco Bay Area – Kangerlussuq (flights included from Copenhagen, Denmark)

10th July SOLD OUT

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Greenland Tours
STARTING FROM AED 39,470 per person

Midnight Sun Exploration to Thule

Feel the power of nature in the Arctic. See the Greenland Ice Sheet, which stretches 1,500 miles north, covering up to 80% of Greenland. Explore the stunning west coast and settlements such as Dundas and Siorapaluk – the northernmost natural communities in the world, and touch an iceberg with your bare hands in Ilulissat Icefjord.

Travel Period 30th July and 14th Aug 2018

Duration 17 Days

☉Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq (flights included from Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Voyages to Greenland & Beyond


STARTING FROM AED 30,222 per person

Viking Journey through the North Atlantic

Explore Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland for an adventure that cannot be compared to anything else in this hemisphere. As we reach the least-visited national park in the world we might sail for days without seeing another vessel. The chances of meeting a polar wolf or a polar bear are far greater than meeting another human being.

Travel Period 5th Aug 2018

Duration 14 Days

☉ Longyearbyen, Svalbard – Greenland – Reykjavik, Iceland

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STARTING FROM AED 29,367 per person

From Mythical Iceland to Untouched Greenland

Discover Arctic highlights! Mythical Iceland impresses with its diverse landscapes and teeming birdlife. Explore southern Greenland and the Disco Bay area – also known as the heart of Greenland. The spectacular scenery, fantastic fjords and the Midnight Sun provide a stunning backdrop to this expedition.

Travel Period 14 Jun 2018

Duration 18 Days

☉ Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq

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