Mleiha Cultural & Archaeological Centre

Mleiha explains the history of inhabitants of its area over different eras and provides an opportunity to its visitors, big or small, to explore the findings of the archaeological site, the Fossil rocks and caves, natural environment of the desert and some facts about the beautiful landscape. Its an ultimate experience of a true desert destination in UAE guided by highly enthusiastic educational manager



  • Learn about the history of human evolution and migration over different eras
  • Find out more about the traditional hunting tools and techniques at the museum
  • View the Artifacts consisting of jewelry, trade objects, gifts as cultivated from the archeological site of Mleiha
  • Discover the living, culture and tradition of the Bedouins –After Life Concept, Animal Sacrifice, Burials, Central Kitchen and Farm Houses
  • Acquire knowledge on the Geological facts of the area – Types of different rocks found in the Faya caves, the Fossil Rock, component of water and hydrology
  • View and experience the natural habitat of the desert – Camels, Gerbil (desert rat), sand fish, some facts about the flora and fauna while on a trekking expedition
  • Astronomy Session - Gain an insight about The Bedouin Star and how it helped navigate the desert in the olden ages in a special session with the expert
Option 1 - One Day

01:00 pm : Arrive at the Mleiha Archaeological center

01:30 pm : Begin with a tour of the Museum

02:30 pm : After tour of the museum is concluded visit the Archaeological Sites on the western region, i.e. The Fort, The burial tombs, Farmhouse with kitchen and the Palace

03:30 pm : Once the tour of the Archaeological sites is completed,  experience a 30-40 minutes trek at the Western Region ( the valley of the caves and visit Al Faya Cave)

05:30 pm : After the tour is concluded the students will then be taken to the special Sunset Lounge area for camel rides for sunset views, till just after sunset and then settle down at a desert majlis setting. Enjoy live BBQ Dinner

08:00 pm : Have a star gazing experience and conclude the evening with a BBQ dinner at the Desert’s Sunset Lounge, after which they will be taken

09:00 pm : Return back to the center for departure

Option 2 - Two Days

Day 1

Same as One Day Mleiha Archaeological Tour except that after the dinner and leisure time by the bon fire, each will be allocated a tent for bedtime with the desert lounge

Day 2

06:00 am : Wake up call for Sunrise is 6AM. While taken to the area for sunrise views, breakfast will be prepared

07:30 am : Once returned, breakfast will be served, after which will be taken back to the center and prepared for departure

Limited Time Workshops!

Workshops - Mleiha
Space Camp

Solar system walk : (15 minutes) - An activity that helps students understand the scale of the solar system with models.

Cooking a comet : (30 minutes)- In this activity the students will create a comet, understand its composition and its evolution over time.

Impact Catering : (30 minutes)- An introduction to craters, asteroids and the physics behind the formation of craters. Duration

Telescopes : (45 minutes)- A session where students will be introduced to the basics of telescopes (we will use 130 mm Newtonian reflector telescopes for this activity).

Stargazing : (60 minutes)- Using a 11 inch computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope the students will explore the night sky, observing the deep sky objects visible on that day.

*Suitable for Ages 5 and above.

**For higher grades we can include activities like Solving the Drake equation, Fermi's Paradox, calculating the distance of a star, understanding space time curvature.

Fossil Fun

Fossil casting : (30 minutes) Students are given a background on the geological and Paleontological history of Mleiha, they are given a small activity teaching them about the basics of Paleontology and taught how to make casts out of real fossils.

Geology Field trip : (60 minutes)The Session begins with the students being given a background on the geological history of the area, and they will be taken to a small field trip to the nearby site for sample collection and interpreting the stratigraphy of the area.

*Suitable for Ages 5 and above.

Sounds of the past

The session begins with the guided tour into the Museum

Flint Knapping : (60 minutes)Students are taught the principles of flint knapping, stone tool making.

Cave Painting (60 minutes)Students are taught about cave paintings found around the world, interpreting cave paintings and an activity where they attempt to recreate cave paintings in a simulated cave environment.

*Suitable for Ages 5 and above.

  • Meals
  • English and Arabic speaking tour leader on board
  • Equipment for Trekking
  • Beds and blankets inside the tents
Safety & Precautions
  • Fully insured for all of the activities
  • Closest hospital is Dhaid Hospital which is 20 minutes away
Additional Information
  • Minimum 25 Students for group bookings