. We need Passport Copies of all passengers to confirm the booking.
. 20% Non-Refundable deposit is required within 2 days of confirmation.
. 80% Balance is due 60 days prior to travel date.


You will be able to take a 6 or 7 days Classic Voyage cruise, departing 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 in an unspecified inside twin cabin on a half board basis, (you may upgrade to another grade of cabin and add meals subject to additional costs and availability). This offer applies to all new bookings on the Classic Round Voyages, departing from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019. EduOutings reserves the right to withdraw or amend the offer at any time. Please check at the time of booking as to current status of offer. The offer cruise must be booked within 28 days from your return date. A choice of departure dates will be given. Offer excludes flights, transfers, all on board expenses, excursions, luggage handling. Offer does not apply to re-scheduled or cancelled cruises. Bookings are non-transferable, non changeable and have no cash value.

 EduOutings are not responsible for the privacy practices of any other companies.

If You Change Your Booking

If you wish to change your travel arrangements after they have been confirmed we will do our utmost to help but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing by the person who made the booking. You will be asked to pay an administration charge of approx. AED 336.00 per person and any further cost we incur in making this alteration. NB: most airlines will charge a fee for ticket changes. Costs may increase the closer to the departure date that changes are made. For example, the transfer within 60 days of departure of arrangements involving a scheduled flight will mean the cancellation and re-booking of this flight and a significant additional charge.

If you change the number of people in your party, the price of the arrangements will be recalculated for the new party size e.g. this may mean that accommodation is under-occupied and each member of the party may have to pay an increased price.

Any increase in price caused by changes you have requested is not a cancellation charge even though it may arise because a member of your party has cancelled. Any change by you to your confirmed arrangements after departure is in all cases subject to availability and any relevant costs.


Our preferred method of deposit & final payment is by cash, debit/credit card, bank transfer or cheque (providing there is time to clear it to meet the payment schedule shown above – you should allow 5 working days for clearance from the time we receive it).

Debit/Credit Card Charges

Payments made via debit/credit card will incur a charge of 2.50% . Your booking may be cancelled if we do not receive payment by the due date (we will not normally send reminders) and cancellation charges as set out under ‘If You Cancel’ (see below) will be payable by you.


All Voyage prices shown are in approximate AED based on EURO currency FOREX rate and are per person based on full occupancy of the cabin accommodation unless otherwise stated. Final prices will be confirmed only during quotation.

Single/Sole occupancy of cabins with more than one berth is at our discretion as single/sole use of multiple berth cabins will be limited. We reserve the right to change any of the prices quoted on our website and in our brochures although there will be no change within 30 days of your departure date. You will be advised of the current price of the voyage or air package holiday you wish to book before your booking is confirmed.

We reserve the right to increase or decrease prices in line with any change in VAT, local and international taxes, embarkation/disembarkation fees, fuel surcharges, exchange rates, security charges or any fees chargeable for the services included in the cost of your holiday.

Should it be necessary to make any surcharges we will notify you of the relevant adjustments by issuing a new invoice.

Please note that travel arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your travel due to contractual or other protection in place.

Prices Do Not Include:
. Travel Insurance
. Luggage Handling
. International Flights except where included in the Air Package Holiday Price
. Optional Excursions
. Gratuities
. Visa

Optional Excursions booked before you travel or local excursions or other activities that you may choose to book and pay for whilst on holiday are not part of your voyage or air package holiday arrangements provided by us nor are we agents for the provider of the service. For any excursion or other activity you book before departure or with which you are assisted in arranging whilst on holiday, your contract will solely be with the supplier of the excursion or activity and not with Hurtigruten or Eduoutings. We are not responsible for the provision of your excursion or activity or for anything that happens during the course of its provision by the supplier.

If You Cancel

You, or any member of your party, may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Written notification from the person who made the booking must be received at our office. Since we incur costs in relation to your arrangements from the time we confirm your booking you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges as shown in the table below (which also applies if we cancel because you have failed to make payments on time - see ‘Payment’ section) together with the cost of any air fare for which we have had to pay at the time of the booking and will be payable immediately on cancellation.

Norway Voyages:

When the cancellation letter is received by us before departure

Charges as a % of the total holiday cost (excl. insurance premiums)

60 or more days

Retention of deposit

42–59 days


28–41 days


14–27 days


Less than 14 days



Other voyages:

When the cancellation letter is received by us before departure

Charges as a % of the total holiday cost (excl. insurance premiums)

90 or more days


60-89 days


28–59 days


15–27 days


Less than 14 days


If We Change Or Cancel Your Booking

We reserve the right to change any of the details, and correct any errors in our brochures, online or invoices at any time. If changes are made before you have made your booking, we will advise you before we confirm your arrangements. We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements (for example if a minimum number of participants for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel it) and to change airline, aircraft types, vessels and itineraries without liability for any subsequent loss. Even after we have confirmed your booking we may have to make alterations but we will not cancel your travel arrangements less than 60 days before your departure except for reasons of force majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance in full.

Most alterations will be minor and while we will do our best to notify you of any changes as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure, we will have no other liability to you.

Occasionally we may have to make a significant change to your confirmed arrangements. Significant changes include the following:

 . Change of departure airport.
. Change of your time of departure or return by more than 12 hours.
. Change of your flight from a day flight to a night flight if this also includes a change to your departure time of 3 hours or more.
. Change of resort.
. Change of holiday accommodation to accommodation of a lower official rating.

If we have to make a significant change we will notify you as soon as possible and you may either:
 (a) accept the change and the contract between us will then be varied to incorporate the change; or
(b) take alternative arrangements altogether (subject to availability). If the alternative arrangements selected are a lower price than those originally confirmed the difference will (if already paid) be refunded to you.
(c) withdraw from the booking completely in which case we will as soon as possible, refund all money paid to us.
 Passengers must give notice of their decision as soon as reasonably possible and not later than 7 days of being informed of the alteration.

The above conditions do not apply when we are forced to make changes which cause you to withdraw or cancel your arrangements, by reason of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and which we could not have avoided by the exercise of all due care and our only liability will be to refund, as soon as possible, all money paid to us by you. We are unable to accept liability or pay compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligation is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances amounting to ‘force majeure’ i.e. any event which we or the supplier(s) of the service(s) could not, even with due care foresee or avoid. Such events may include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war or civil commotions, riots, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather, fire, flood, drought, government action, airport and port regulations and closures, technical transportation problems, maintenance to vessels, scheduling of transport and similar events outside our control.

A flight or ship delay does not constitute a change to holiday arrangements.

Fitness To Travel On The Ship, Pregnancy, Disability Or Reduced Mobility, Medical/Mobility Equipment

In order to ensure that the Carrier is able to carry passengers safely and in accordance with applicable safety requirements established by international, EU or national law or in order to meet safety requirements established by competent authorities including the ships flag state every Passenger warrants that he/she is fit to travel by sea and that his/her conduct or condition will not impair the safety of the ship or inconvenience the other passengers. We reserve the right to require any Passenger to produce medical evidence of fitness to travel in order to assess whether that Passenger can be carried safely in accordance with applicable international, EU or national law. If we consider it necessary, we are entitled to administer a health questionnaire prior to boarding.

 If it appears to us, the Master or the Company’s nominated medical representative that a Passenger is for any reason unfit to travel, likely to endanger safety, or likely to be refused permission to land at any port, or likely to render the Carrier liable for Passenger maintenance, support or repatriation, then the Carrier or the Master shall have the right to take any of the following courses: (i) Refuse to embark the Passenger at any port; (ii) Disembark the Passenger at any port; (iii) Transfer the Passenger to another berth or cabin; (iv) If the Company’s nominated medical representative considers it advisable, to place or confine him/her or to transfer the Passenger to a health facility at any port, at the Passenger’s expense (v) to administer first aid and administer any drug, medicine or other substance or to admit and/or confine the Passenger to a hospital or other similar institution at any port provided that the ship’s nominated medical representative and/or Master considers that any such steps are necessary.

Where a Passenger is refused embarkation as a result of safety and/or fitness to travel, neither we nor the carrier shall be liable for any loss or expense occasioned to the passenger thereby, nor shall the passenger be entitled to any compensation from the Carrier.

Passengers who need assistance and/or have special requests or need special facilities or equipment with regard to accommodation, seating or services required or need to bring medical equipment must notify us at the time of booking. If there are any particular conditions, disabled or reduced mobility which require personal care or supervision then such personal care or supervision must be organised by the passenger and at the passenger’s expense. Those passengers confined to wheelchairs must furnish their own standard size foldable wheelchairs but needn’t be accompanied by a travelling companion. Unless we and or the Carrier agree otherwise and in writing Passengers are limited to bringing 2 items of such mobility or medical equipment on board per cabin with a total value not exceeding approximately AED 11,960. All equipment must be capable of being carried safety and must be declared before the sailing. The Carrier may decline to carry such equipment where it is not safe to do so or where it has not been notified in time to enable a risk assessment to be carried out. 

Pregnant women are highly recommended to seek medical advice prior to travel at any stage of their pregnancy. Women who are up to 23 weeks pregnant at the end of the cruise are required to produce a medical certificate of fitness to travel. The Carrier cannot for safety reasons carry pregnant passengers of 24 weeks or more by the end of the cruise.