Young Explorer’s Program

Young Explorer is a program for Families with kids aged 7-13 years who are going on voyages with Hurtigruten. The program will consist of specially designed activities for curious and active youth on-board the ship. The focus is on fun and eco-friendly learning, and will trigger the adventurous feeling. On this journey the kids will get a deeper understanding of nature, climate and culture, and be introduced to topics related to wildlife, local food, environmental protection and famous explorers. These programs are available from April 2018 on specific sails to Norway between Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen.



  • Daily engaging onboard activities related to the different topics
  • Environment Actions, e.g beach clean-ups in cooperation with Hurtigruten Foundation and keep environment beautiful
  • Every day we will have an Explorer Meeting where we will talk more about the day’s topic.
  • During the trip, the Young Explorers may get the opportunity to meet the captain. (This can NOT be guaranteed!)
  • Young Explorer Package consisting of a t-shirt and logbook. The kids will have get a bracelet to have number and contact number of parents
  • Approximately 19 dedicated excursions marked as ‘Young Explorer Friendly’ during the particular sailing

Expedition Team

Expedition Team members have specialties in scientific and natural world disciplines and all are experienced providing a mix of activities, learning and fun.

Young Explorers will be provided with an expert insights into wildlife, geography, natural phenomena and culture, followed by interesting lectures inside the ship or out on deck with seasonally adjusted topics on coastal flora & fauna, fishing traditions, polar history, Viking history, geology, glaciology and climate.

Day Wise Program Details

Due to departure day, there will be no Young Explorer Program.

Since this is the first day, this is a great day to learn more about the ship and the coast. This will be the topic under Explorer Meeting, where they also get a short brief about the midnight sun/northern light (depending of the season). In addition, we will have fun exercise where the children will learn more about Hurtigruten destinations. We will also have water in a bin, and see which objects sinks and which doesn’t.

Today we learn more about the climate and climate changes in the Explorer Meeting. As a practical activity we will take water samples from the sea, and analyze them. We will also have a very interesting quiz.

Today we will sail in Lofoten in the afternoon, where the children can participate on the ordinary excursion to the Viking museum Lofotr. So this is the perfect day to learn more about the Vikings! In addition to have an Explorer Meeting about how the Vikings lived, we will do like the Vikings and shoot bow and arrow, and have a tug of war competition. We will also listen to Viking music.

Today the we will sail into Tromsø – an important port for polar expeditions. Among other things, we will have an Expedition Meeting about the Race to the South Pole, and we will learn to use map and compasses.

Today we will learn about the Sami Culture at the Explorer Meeting, and we will also have a Sami fairytale reading. We will do lasso throwing, and make traditional Sami bracelet.

Today we will learn more about the Midnight Sun and Northern Light. What is it, and why does it happen? We will also make a puzzle.

Today we will learn more about marine littering and micro plastic in the Explorer Meeting. When we are in Hammerfest we will have a beach-clean up. Afterwards we will register our findings in a national database for beach- clean ups, and we will have an Art Workshop of the litter we have found at the beach. NB! On the few winter sailings with YE, it will most likely not be possible to have beach-clean up. But we will still have the topic marine littering, and make art from litter that we have cleaned and saved from the summer.

At the Explorer Meeting the children will learn more about the Norwegian Food Traditions, and Hurtigrutens Norway’s Coastal Kitchen. The children will also get the opportunity the taste Norwegian Food – while blindfolded if they dare. We will also make lefse – a traditional soft flatbread in Norway.

We will learn more about the wild life in Norway at the Explorer Meeting. We will also fillet fish on deck, and we will make our own bird feeder.

We will discuss what one should pack when going on a camping trip, and learn about the Norwegian Mountain Codes (Fjellvettsreglene). We will also pitch tents. If the weather permits, we will barbeque on deck

Due to arrival day, there will be no Young Explorer Program

  • A Young Explorer Host – an on board resource to plan and organize activities
  • Daily onboard activities adapted to the different daily topics such as Beach clean up
  • Young Explorer friendly excursions (optional / add-on)
  • As a general rule, the Young Explorer Host will host the program alone. But some parents may be ask to join – depending on the size/combination of the group, which activities we do, and where we do it
  • There will be a welcome meeting at the beginning of the voyage where the parents join too, where practical info and safety will be addressed
  • Every parents must sign form onboard, So that the kids will get a bracelet on which the name and phone number of parents will be written