About Us

Who we are

We provide unique travel packages which focus on visiting a certain place and remembering it for a lifetime. We offer Expedition Cruises, as special representatives of Hurtigruten in Middle East and customize tour packages around the sailings.

Providing experiences that awe our partakers is what we do. We believe a unique trip can transform an individual and change their perspective of living if they get the opportunity with us to discover, observe and understand the vast beauty of history, culture, food and scenery that this world has to provide.

Our most unique destinations and packages not only concentrate on fun, but also involve you in activities and experiences that upsurge sense of individuality and community through ways of travel and adventure.

If you agree with the lines of Henry Miller “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” then prepare yourself to hop on sails with us to a new society or just tell us what you like and we will make that dream a reality!

Why choose us

Authentic Experiences Our mission is to hunt for magical and exceptional experiences for our clients, so that they can rely on us for their choice

Hassle Free We convert your requirements into our goals. Our experienced team focuses on handling the planning, procedures, safety requirements and regulations on your behalf, and advise that which is available and suitable the best. You just choose and amuse

Best Value We strive to get the prices which are worth the service quality. Our tours and cruises are upscale, for which we aim to book you on superior travels at the best savings possible!

Personalised Service We will be available just a call or email away! We ensure that we give attention to each of our client before, during AND after the trip to entrust customer satisfaction all the while whenever and however possible