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Franz Josef Land

A special archipelago of 191 islands far beyond the ordinary. Be among the few for a unique chance to explore above 80 degrees North.
  • Season we visit

    July to September every year

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  • Activities & Attractions

    Extremely Remote, Wilderness, Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Walrus, Whales, Glaciers, Icebergs, Birding, National Parks

Destination Overview

We take you on expedition that is truly remarkable and full of rare natural beauty. This forbidding, icy landmass, above a legendary line of latitude, was the domain of great explorers, from which brave North Pole attempts were made over a century ago. Today we follow the footsteps of those explorers and envision their experience.

What to Expect

Otherworldly beauty

Discover wide beaches, steep cliffs, volcanic islands, arctic national park, uninhabited lands, kilometres of glaciers, tabular icebergs.

Amazing wildlife

Experience world’s greatest havens for Arctic wildlife. With fewer visitors, no permanent settlements and immense ice, join us as we safely scout for polar bears that roam around free.

Historically Significant

Take the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen, Fredrick George, Julius Von Prayer and other, who made this place their haven to reach North Pole.

Explore National Parks at High Arctic

As part of the Russian Arctic National Park, this place is only accessible aboard expedition ship or ice breakers, thanks to many tourism restrictions in place. Your exploration will also involve visiting Svalbard at South Spitsbergen National Park