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They say journey to Norway isn’t complete unless one has experienced each of its seasons. Explore the beauties of Norway on amazingly unique expeditions with us.
  • Season we visit

    All round the year

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  • Activities & Attaractions

    Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Fjords, Kayaking, Coastal Cuisine, Viking Heritage, Sami Culture, Snow hotel, dog sledding, Winter wonderland, snowmobiling, hiking, UNESCO Heritage sites, Culinary experience

Destination Overview

With Northern lights in winter, to Midnight Sun in summer there is no one specific way to explore this beautiful destination. Whether you choose to explore by land or sea, the stunning fjords, teeming ocean, unique wildlife and genuine people make every expedition to this place a lifetime memory. Every season here offers unique smells, sights, and tastes. Many of our explorers find themselves returning to this destination to elevate their senses in a different way on each expedition. That is how much nature has to offer at this destination.

What to Expect

The Northern Lights Promise in Winter

Many of our sea expeditions offer a guarantee of sighting where ships focus sailing directly beneath auroral zone, away from city or town lights, in the darkness among fjords.

Escape into Winter Wonderland

Norway’s northern reaches are one of the only places in the world popular for sailing far north at winter time, besides enjoying dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing or living in Snowhotel.

See Norway at its best in Summer

With midnight sun, our summer itineraries combine popular spots with trails off the beaten path, giving you chance to experience that’s truly unique, teeming with life and people.

Explore in Peace and Tranquility during Autumn

Bright colours of reds, oranges and yellow dominate the mountainsides, hilltops, and woods during Autumn, making the best time for those who wish to explore in quiet.

Experience 3 seasons in Spring

From blooming fjords in south to meter-high snowdrifts in high north, our expeditions in spring brings you the chance to enjoy varying activities, dog sledding to hiking up blooming hills!