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North Pole

A Journey to the North Pole

  • Expedition dates


  • Starts From

    Murmansk, Russia

    Ends At

    Murmansk, Russia

  • Activities & Attractions

    Midnight Sun, Thick Ice, Nuclear Icebreaker, Wilderness, Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Walrus, Whales, Glaciers, icebergs, Hiking, Ice cruising, Birding, Polar Plunge, Helicopter Rides, Franz Josef Land

  • Starting From Price per person

    AED 110,337

    *Flexible payment plan available

Expedition Overview

Take your once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the top of the world. For many adventures, the arctic journey is not complete without touching this geographical point, and truly, the experience there is like none other. Aboard the world's largest and powerful nuclear icebreaker, the vessel takes you safely across 3 meters thickness of ice, completing a round of Franz Josef Land on the way.

Your day-wise itinerary

Day 1-2

Murmansk, Russia

Enjoy an overnight before embarking your ship next day

Day 3-6

At sea (towards North Pole)

As we make the way towards North Pole, tour the engine room, go on helicopter rides, witness first hand power of the ship making way through thick ice

Day 7

North Pole

Celebrate the joy of standing at the North Pole

Day 8-10

Franz Josef Land

Witness high arctic life with its raw natural beauty, unspoiled wilderness and many polar bears

Day 11-12

At sea

We make our way back to civilisation after our enthralling pole experience

Day 13

Murmansk, Russia

Disembark at Murmansk, transfer to airport or city center for journey ahead
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Making it to the North Pole

Half of the excitement of this expedition lies in the journey up to the pole, where we seize the opportunity of midnight sun to explore surroundings from the deck or helicopter rides. The rest half is all about the North Pole!

When at the Top of the World

A special BBQ on ice, dancing around the pole, hiking through an icescape of melt ponds & pressure ridges, & even a dip in the freezing ocean. Savor the satisfaction of achieving one of the great prizes of adventure travel

Visit Franz Josef Land

Pass through the Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land to discover the islands’ hidden treasures, such as surreal geology, the historical remains of legendary polar expeditions and amazing arctic wildlife

Exploring under the Midnight Sun

With this expedition happening during the 24 hour daylight season, enjoy plenty of time to absorb the beautiful sceneries & photograph them. Helicopters shall be launched to take in aerial views, when possible

Sight the mighty - Polar Bear

Once we enter the 3 meter pack ice area, polar bear sightings might occur! With also many opportunities to sight them at Franz Josef, the 24-hour daylight will allow to exploit every opportunity for wildlife viewing

Rare species of whales and walrus

While sailing surrounding icy waters to and fro the pole, and while exploring Franz Josef archipelago, it is possible to spot seals, walrus, even the elusive bowhead whale, apart from many other whales

Many Nesting Sea Birds

During your visit to Franz Josef enjoy chances to observe abundance of nesting Arctic seabirds such as the rare ivory gull. Given this is a sea expedition, many of them will also be our companions during the journey

Helicopter Sight Seeing

of the surroundings

From the window seat of your included flight seeing experience, see the vessel & environment from an exciting new perspective. As the ship powers on, crushing her way through ice, you watch it spellbound from aloft

Enjoy Zodiac Cruising

During exploration of Franz Josef, & surrounding areas, the expedition team will take you on land on sturdy inflated rubber boats, to observe stunning wildlife, watch icebergs up close, or simply admire the views of a particular site

Visit the Engine Room

Your exclusive chance to learn about the ingenious engineering of nuclear-ice breaker. Go deep inside to see firsthand how atomic session is harnessed to take you safely and cleanly through solid sea ice

Get Offshore

With a chance to hike on sea ice at North Pole, we will also aim to make landings at unique islands of Franz Josef to explore monuments, memorials, remains of makeshift dwellings, unique flora and fauna

Photography Workshops

Take chance to learn & practice photography alongside an experienced professional via on board lectures or special workshops during landings. Explore the key elements of photography, experiment with techniques, all for free!

Polar Plunge at the Top

Here's the chance to engage in something more thrilling and memorable. Plunge courageously into near-freezing waters with a rope secured around your middle, and get awarded a beverage on successfully clambering out!


Powered by two nuclear reactors generating 75,000 horsepower, she is the most powerful icebreaker ever built. Many climb up on the bow platform to feel like they are flying over the ice

Open Bridge Policy

Learn how the vessel is skillfully navigated through the frozen Arctic Ocean to the exact point of 90° North. You can visit anytime to look at maps, talk to officers & enjoy commanding views of endlessly changing ice-scapes

Recreational Area

Apart from usual equipments, The Gym onboard also offers you the chance to engage in some fun games with fellow travellers or expedition team. Play ping-pong, basketball, volleyball, or even indoor soccer at the sports hall!

Cabins and Interiors

With accommodation for 124 passengers, this ship offers everything a modern cruise liner should have - a restaurant, bar, gym, library, a pool with two saunas. Our expedition consultant will guide you on stay options best fit for you

With special COVID Safety Measures In place

Strict measures have been introduced to ensure you have a safe exploration with us. Tests before boarding, face masks in common areas, hand hygiene, deep cleaning of ship, such protocols for both crew and guests ascertain we all together assure our safety. Our expedition consultant will walk you through in detail of these measures.

What's Included

  • Expedition Cruise in cabin grade of your choice
  • All meals with beverages (breakfast, lunch, dinner, early riser and afternoon treats) during the expedition
  • One night stay in Murmansk, Russia before the voyage
  • Transfer from airport to hotel on 1st Day in Murmansk
  • Transfer from hotel to ship in Murmansk
  • Transfer from ship to airport or city centre in Murmansk after voyage
  • Guidance from Professional English speaking expedition team
  • Complimentary Wind and Water resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • Engaging onboard activities and included off shore activities
  • Personalized medical insurance covering the risks of evacuation and repatriation with coverage amount 100,000 EUR, for duration of cruise days only
  • Complimentary Wifi on-board (please note this depends on the network in highly remote areas)

Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Optional Shore Excursions
  • Optional activities with expedition team (like kayaking, snowshoeing)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage Handling
  • Optional Gratuities

Special Notes

  • A medical declaration form is required to be submitted by all passengers joining this expedition
  • The above itinerary is only indicative. Weather, ice and sea conditions determine the final framework of exploration. A safe experience at all times will be the priority
  • Solo Prices are offered on request
  • We offer flexible payment plans on request basis. Please ask your consultant for same at time of booking