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Northwest Passage

Exploring the Northwest Passage

  • Expedition dates

    23 August 2024

  • Starts From

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Ends At

    Montreal, Canada

  • Activities & Attractions

    Highly Remote Places, Glaciers, Historic routes, Inuits, Culture, National parks, High arctic, Polar bears, Whales, Walrus, Bird watching, Smokey Hills, Ice-floes, Fjords, Nature Walks, Hiking, Kayaking, Ice cruising

  • Starting From Price per person

    AED 75,713

Expedition Overview

Be among the few to sail in the wake of great explorers on a journey through the legendary Northwest Passage. Experience the raw and daunting beauty of truly wild terrain on a rarely-travelled voyage. Even today, few ships have the capability to navigate this isolated sea passage that cuts through the wild and remote Arctic beauty of North America.

Your day-wise itinerary

Day 1


Arrive to this northernmost capital city and enjoy an overnight

Day 2-3

At sea

We sail the Denmark Strait, a path of the Vikings

Day 4

Prince Christian Sound

As we sail across different seas, watch for whales, sea birds that accompany us and hopefully the smoking hills

Day 5


Discover the glacial beauties of the west coast fjords

Day 6


Experience both the old and new Greenland in this capital

Day 7


Watch for whales, seals. Explore the colourful town, mingle with the locals

Day 8


Marvel at this amazing UNESCO heritage site, under the sky still lit by Midnight Sun, as we dock here whole day

Day 9 - 10

Labrador Sea

Watch for more wildlife as cross the sea

Day 11 - 17

Northwest Passage - Exploration Days

We explore this fabled area, where the captain decides landings and expedition team determines the activities everyday

Day 18

Cambridge Bay

Explore this fishing community, before disembarking and taking flight to Montréal

Day 19


We bid adieu at this wonderful UNESCO city of Design
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Exploration Days

Attempt to cross Northwest Passage in foot of early explorers. The captain & Expedition team will asses sea & weather situations, to determine places of landing on the go! It will be an expedition in true exploration style

See The Smokey Hills

See the remarkable phenomenon, on east coast of Cape Bathurst. The local lignite which is a combination of shale & pyrite, spontaneously ignite when exposed to air. This makes the hills emit smoke - a true wonder!

Enjoy Sea Days

Take in amazing views as we sail through the Bering Strait, the deep blue waters of Beaufort Sea & Davis strait of Labrador Sea, each offering chances to sight spectacular marine life, landmarks, icebergs & more


Set in the stunning scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord, enjoy a full day of exploration of this UNESCO Heritage Site, that Greenland is most famous for


Come ashore this beautiful town, to explore its colourful houses, visit the small museum, hike in the hills and shop for local handicrafts as we stop here for a half day, to get a zest of Greenlandic settlements

Many Landings

With aim to make 1-2 landings per days, you will have the chance to get off ship & take a walk to observe the surroundings, visit museums, spot flora & fauna, visit cultural sites etc. Exact landings will be determined on the go

Nature Walks

The expedition team will guide you on short walks at different sites, to experience the wilderness first hand, spot some unique fauna, watch stunning landscapes, & learn about geography of the region, as an included experience

Small Boat Cruising

When favourable, the Expedition team will launch rigid inflatable boats as part of your included experience to cruise through ice-floes, take you closer to watch whales, or simply glide around to enjoy surroundings


Hike through areas of natural beauty on some optional extended hikes in Greenland's Paradise Valley, Isimiut’s Palaasip Qaqqa mountain path, or up Tracey Hill in Red Bay, Canada, depending on weather conditions.


Channel the Inuit kayakers of centuries past as you glide silently through still Arctic waters, with icebergs and glaciers towering in the distance, as an optional excursion

Abundant Whales

During sea days, or exploration days of Northwest Passage, enjoy chances to spot bowhead, grey, narwhal, humpback, fin, harbour porpoise, minke, beluga among others


The territory contains over 2 million ringed seals, forming an important part of Inuit life, especially their diet & clothing. They can also be seen while sailing along west coast of Greenland, apart from the harp seal.

Chance of Polar Bear

Found throughout the Northwest Passage region, about 60% of the world’s polar bears live in the Canadian Arctic – increasing your chances of spotting this impressive apex predator.

Musk Oxen

These historic animals of the far north, can be spot thriving grazing across the tundra regions of the many High Arctic sites that we sail or visit during this journey


Called the "Tuktu" in local language, head north in one of the world's great large-animal migrations, during summers, and can be spotted feeding on the abundant grasses and plants of the tundra regions we explore


These distinctive tusks mammals can be seen, spending their time on the sea ice, hunting for their favourite food, bivalve molluscs. While they appear clumsy on land, you'll be amazed to see them swimming powerfully in the ocean

And many birds!

With 100+ species, sight the resident ravens, snowy owl & ptarmigan among many others like Tundra swan, Peregrine falcon, Bald eagle, auks, buntings, cranes, jaegers, larks, loons, pipits & many other arctic species.

MS Fram

Purpose built as an expedition vessel with a higher ice-class, she is famous for venturing far into the areas that are almost permanently iced down and totally unnavigable in winter by other vessels.

Science Center

Join Expedition Team here for lectures, photography workshops, & Citizen Science Projects. The area also features scientific & educational equipment, such as microscopes & interactive maps, to dive into details of regions

Observation Deck

Across two-levels both indoor/outdoor, It is an ideal place to scan the scenery and watch wildlife with your binoculars. The aft deck is especially famous for forward facing views of approaches


Each cabin is outside facing with large windows. 50% have private balconies, and aft suites features private outdoor hot tubs with spectacular views

What's Included

  • Expedition Cruise in cabin grade of your choice
  • Economy class flight from Cambridge Bay to Montréal 
  • Overnight in Montréal after the expedition cruise, including breakfast 
  • Transfer from the ship to the airport in Cambridge Bay after the expedition cruise.
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Montréal after the expedition cruise 
  • Guidance from Professional English speaking expedition team
  • Complimentary Wind and Water resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • Engaging onboard activities and included off shore activities
  • All meals with beverages (breakfast, lunch, dinner, early riser and afternoon treats) during the voyage
  • Complimentary wifi for all guests (connection depends on network of remote areas we visit)
  • Complimentary tea and coffee

Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage Handling
  • Optional Gratuities
  • Optional shore excursions (like kayaking)
  • Optional small group activities with Expedition team

Special Notes

  • Prices indicated above are on twin sharing basis
  • A medical declaration form is required to be submitted by all passengers joining this expedition
  • The above itineraries are only indicative, and weather, ice and sea conditions determine the final framework of exploration. A safety experience at all times will be the priority
  • Kids of age 5 and below cannot be allowed
  • We offer flexible payment plans on request basis. Please ask your consultant for same at time of booking