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Exploring the famous Arctic Trio

  • Expedition dates

    8th and 20th August 2024

  • Starts From

    Oslo, Norway

    Ends At

    Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Activities and Attractions

    Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Svalbard Reindeer, Musk Oxen, Arctic Hare, Whales, Seals, Birdwatching, Northern Lights, Waterfalls, Glaciers, Icebergs, Birdwatching, Isolated Settlements, Hiking, Kayaking, National Park, Fjords, Ice Cruising, Inuit Culture

  • Starting From Price per person

    AED 33,482

    *Flexible payment plan available

Expedition Overview

A perfect arctic experience, this voyage takes you 3 of the most sought after arctic islands. Beginning with northwestern coast of Spitsbergen, expect to be surrounded with mountains, gigantic glaciers, and abundant widlife. We hope to spot the polar bear here, and continue south to East Greenland, for rare opportunity to discover northeast national park and the scoreby sund under the northernlight setting. The enthralling experience finishes with exploration of Iceland.

Your day-wise itinerary

Day 1

Oslo, Norway

Arrive to Oslo, Norway's capital. Enjoy an overnight

Day 2

Oslo to Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Welcome to the beautiful arctic town where we embark our ship

Day 3-4

Northwestern Svalbard - Exploration Days

We aim to explore islands, fjords, beaches, glaciers and wonderful wildlife

Day 5-6

At sea

Spend your time onboard relaxing, spotting marine life from deck as we sail across Greenland sea

Day 7-12

East Greenland - Exploration Days

See the most stunning scenery while exploring Scordby Sund, world's largest national park and hopefully the northern lights!

Day 13

At sea

Another day to relax on sea as we sail across Denmark strait to land at Iceland

Day 14

Westfjords, Iceland

See Bird cliffs, jaw dropping coastal fjords, immense mountains, tiny fishing villages and many other natural surprises

Day 15

Reykjavik, Iceland

Our amazing adventure comes to an end at the capital. Join us for post programmes to Blue Lagoon
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Explore The Northwest

Scattered with islands, fjords and beaches, The ocean here at Northwestern coast of Spitsbergen can be full of drifting ice. Enjoy exploring this area with expedition team & captain as they decide landing sites on the spot

Visit Ny-Ålesund

Former mining town, now home to Arctic researchers, complete with museum, gift shop, & post office. Learn about various historic attempts of early explorers to discover the North Pole from here

Scoresby Sund

Those who appreciate huge expanses of untouched wilderness will love it here. Long, narrow channels, strewn with cathedral-like icebergs & flanked by sheer rock walls, reach deep into the glaciated heart of Greenland.

East Greenland National Park

A true Arctic paradise, be among the lucky few to gaze across crystal-clear water tucked between mountains, spot giant walruses & perhaps polar bear, as we explore the unique flora & fauna

Thule Culture

Visit a modern Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit, the only permanent settlement in the region and one of the most remote communities in the world for a look at how this tradition has been carried forward

See the Westfjords

This remote and sparsely populated region of crenulated coastlines, voluminous waterfalls and rugged mountains sees only 10% of Iceland’s visitors, making you one of the only few to see its beauty

Witness the Magical Phenomenon

Commonly clear nights and the perfect latitude make Scoresby Sund a perfect place to watch for this phenomenon. Every night on this voyage brings another excellent chance to experience the northern lights right from deck

Polar Bear

During your exploration of Northeast Greenland National Park, and Spitsbergen we have chances to spot the mighty polar bears, as they are spread out across the enormous region

Arctic Fox

A Greenland Wildlife favourite, their coats change colour with the season, taking on a more brown or grey hue in summer to aid camouflage. They can also be spot during exploration of Spitsbergen

Svalbard Reindeer

Endemic to this region, they can be spot in fields of flowering tundra grazing to their delight.


During sea days, or exploration days of Scorsbysund fjord system and Northeast Greenland National Park enjoy chances to spot pod of Humpbacks, Bowheads, Minke whales, among many others


The variety most expected to see in these regions are the big-eyed harp seals. Other varieties found here are the ringed, hooded, bearded and harbour seals, sometimes spotted relaxing on ice floes

Musk Oxen

These historic animals of the far north, can be spot thriving grazing across the tundra regions of the many High Arctic sites that we sail or visit during this journey

Arctic Hare

The visit to Northeast Greenland National Park also welcomes us the opportunity to sight these amazing white hares, hopping in their peaceful haven

Many many Birds!

Look out for Brünnich's Guillemots, Snowy Owls & Greenlandic Gyrfalcons in East Greenland. While Terns, Auks keep you enlightened in Svalbard, the bird cliffs of Iceland's Westfjord will be overwhelming!


With aim to get off ship 1-2 times in a day, expect to visit fauna sites, fjord inlets, vast tundras. We take you ashore on small boats, where ship cannot dock, to get you close to nature, or go for wildlife-spotting deep within fjords.

Go for Hikes

Join the expedition team as they invite you to hike through mountains, vast tundras, abandoned settlements. Walk up to see Thule archeological sites and historical trappers’ huts

Join Sea Kayak Club

If paddling is an activity you greatly enjoy, sign up to participate for kayaking with an intimate group of just 8, guided by a professional, offering unlimited opportunities throughout the sailing, subject to weather conditions

Hone Your Photography Skills

On the Field

Take chance to learn & practice photography alongside an experienced professional via on board lectures or special workshops during landings. Explore the key elements of photography, experiment with techniques, all for free!

MV Sea Spirit

Enjoy an intimate atmosphere aboard this small expedition ship, with a capacity of just 114. Its ice-strengthened hull, ample deck space for wildlife viewing, & state-of-the-art fin stabilizers, make it ideal for polar expeditions

Bridge Visit

The captain & officers welcome you to visit them at the Bridge any time, to have a simple chit chat, discuss their life on board, their experience in polar regions or simply watch the views from the special angle.

Outdoor Bistro

The top deck of the ship features an outdoor bistro, with a jacuzzi, allowing you to enjoy the scenic views while you share meals with fellow travelers or simply sitting to have a hot chocolate


Features all - suite accommodations. Each spacious, every cabin's well-appointed location across the decks provides a generous measure of comfort

What's Included

  • Expedition in cabin grade of your choice
  • Overnight in Radisson Blu Airport Hotel in Oslo before the voyage
  • Transfer from hotel to airport on Day 2 of this itinerary
  • Flight from Oslo to Longyearbyen
  • Transfer from airport to ship on Day 2 in Longyearbyen
  • Transfer from ship to airport or city center in Reykjavik after the voyage
  • All meals with beverages (breakfast, lunch, dinner, early riser and afternoon treats)
  • Guidance from Professional English speaking expedition team
  • Complimentary Wind and Water resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • Engaging onboard activities and included off shore activities with expedition team
  • Complimentary Wifi throughout the voyage

Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Any Optional Shore Excursions
  • Optional activities with expedition team (like kayaking)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage Handling
  • Optional Gratuities

Special Notes

  • Prices indicated above are on twin sharing basis
  • A medical declaration form is required to be submitted by all passengers joining this expedition
  • The above itineraries are only indicative. weather, ice and sea conditions determine the final framework of exploration. A safe experience at all times will be the priority
  • We offer flexible payment plans on request basis. Please ask your consultant for same at time of booking