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Exploring World’s Largest Fjord in East Greenland

  • Expedition dates

    11 August 2024

  • Starts From

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Ends At

    Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Activities & Attractions

    Seals, Whales, Nature Walks, World's largest Fjord, World's Largest National Park, Ice Cruising, Glaciers, Ice bergs, Polar Bears, Musk Oxen, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Snow Owl, Greenlandic Hare, National Park

  • Starting From Price per person

    AED 34,546

    *Flexible payment plan available

Expedition Overview

This expedition gives you the chance to explore the largest and the least-visited national park in the world. As we discover the depths of east greenland, which also boasts largest fjord in the world, we might sail for days without seeing another vessel. The chances of meeting a polar wolf or a polar bear shall be far greater than meeting another human being! Join us for a journey beyond ordinary.

Your day-wise itinerary

Day 1


Embark at the capital of Iceland amidst natural beauty

Day 2

At sea

As we sail the Irminger sea, enjoy beautiful sunset or dolphins bouncing by, from deck

Day 3-11

Scoresbysund Fjord

Land at the world's largest fjord system, witness fantastic scenery and wildlife

Day 12

Denmark Strait

On our way back to Iceland, recap your memories, and listen to Viking stories that crossed the route

Day 13


Our expedition ends with our arrival back to this capital
Download detailed itinerary

See the Largest Fjord on Earth

Spend 4 days exploring vast pristine region of an immense system of fjords and glaciers - Scoresbysund, with white & blue icebergs floating in mirror-like waters, surrounded by stark black & brown mountains

Amusing Sea Days

Take in amazing views as we sail through Denmark Strait & Irminger Sea in route of Vikings, each offering chances to sight spectacular marine life & icebergs. Special lectures & programs are held onboard to keep you engaged

Polar Bear and Wolves

During your exploration of Northeast Greenland National Park, we have chances to spot the mighty polar bears, as they are spread out across the enormous region. The region has also blessed a few with sights of the Polar Wolf!

Arctic Fox

A Greenland Wildlife favourite, their coats change colour with the season, taking on a more brown or grey hue in summer to aid camouflage.

Greenlandic Hares

The visit to Northeast Greenland National Park also welcomes us the opportunity to sight these amazing white hares, hopping in their peaceful haven

Musk Oxen

These historic animals of the far north, can be spot thriving grazing across the tundra regions of the many High Arctic sites that we sail or visit during this journey


During sea days, or exploration days of Scorsbysund fjord system and Northeast Greenland National Park enjoy chances to spot pod of Humpbacks, Bowheads, Minke whales, among many others

Greenlandic Birds

Look out for avian life including Brünnich's Guillemots, Snowy Owls and Greenlandic Gyrfalcons.


The variety most expected to see in this regions are the big-eyed harp seals. Other varieties found here are the ringed, hooded, bearded and harbour seals, sometimes spotted relaxing on ice floes, or with their neighbouring walruses


Whether its pebbly beach, a rocky fjord inlet, or an uninhabited island, we take you ashore on small boats, where ships cannot dock, to get you close to nature, or go on wildlife-spotting expeditions deep within the fjords.


Enjoy gliding in the pristine waters, amidst giant icebergs, or passing shorelines dotted with colourful houses in towns and villages, as an optional excursion with limited capacity

Nature Walks

Join in for walks to viewpoints & sites of interest. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenic surroundings with professional guides

Photography Programme

An included programme designed for photographers of any ability, giving tips that will help better capture the spectacular photo opportunities around Greenland.  Chances to join intensive  1 or 2 hour  Photo Adventures session

For Families Traveling with Kids

A complimentary program for kids aged 7-13. Run by an experienced host, the program focuses on fun-filled learning around wildlife, historical explorers ,environmental protection etc. Contact our expedition consultant to enroll your kid

MS Fridtjof Nansen

Built in 2020 its a pioneer of next generation of adventure travel, combining state of art technology with premium comfort. This PC-6 ice class ship can run on battery powered engine to glide in complete silence

Science Center

Join Expedition Team here for lectures, photography workshops, & Citizen Science Projects. The area also features scientific & educational equipment, such as microscopes & interactive maps, to dive into details of regions

Observation Deck

Across two-levels both indoor/outdoor, It is an ideal place to scan the scenery and watch wildlife with your binoculars


Each cabin is outside facing with large windows. 50% have private balconies, and aft suites features private outdoor hot tubs with spectacular views

Rewind and Relax

At the spa, sauna, infinity pool, jacuzzi, or warm up at the jogging track out on the deck and the indoor gym

What's Included

  • Expedition in cabin grade of your choice
  • Guidance from Professional English speaking expedition team
  • Complimentary Wind and Water resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • Engaging onboard activities and included off shore activities with expedition team
  • All meals with beverages (breakfast, lunch, dinner, early riser and afternoon treats)

Not Included

  • International Flights
  • Any Optional Shore Excursions
  • Optional activities with expedition team (like kayaking)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage Handling
  • Optional Gratuities

Special Notes

  • Prices indicated above are on twin sharing basis
  • A medical declaration form is required to be submitted by all passengers joining this expedition
  • The above itineraries are only indicative. weather, ice and sea conditions determine the final framework of exploration. A safe experience at all times will be the priority
  • We offer flexible payment plans on request basis. Please ask your consultant for same at time of booking