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Northwest Passage

A unique and different destination awaits you that has become recently accessible to explorers. Step up your adventure with a journey to Northwest Passage.
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    Highly Remote Places, Picturesque Glaciers, Historic routes, Inuits, National parks, High arctic, Polar bears, Whales, Seals, Smokey Hills, Greenland, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Walrus

Destination Overview

Every journey to this place with us will take you on footsteps of some real explorers, and give you authentic sense of the famed expeditions that took lives of many back in the days when it was being explored for first time by brave adventurers. Along the way experience unspoilt nature of this high arctic passage, beautiful scenery complete with glaciers, ice landscapes and prominent fjords. Meet the Inuits, learn about their modern-day life, culture, and traditions, as we explore some UNESCO heritage sites, and spot wildlife.

What to Expect

Where only few have been

Opportunity to experience this remote area with our safest expeditions. The unforgiving sea route through the Canadian Arctic truly gives a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Exploring local communities

Nestled among towering mountains and fjords rising from sea, visit small Arctic settlements which are both ancient and modern in its making. Learn more about their lifestyle.

Into the wilderness

Watch the marine mammals like narwhal, bowhead, and beluga whales, as well as walruses and seals. Catch the best glimpse of the magnificent Polar bear playing around its pups.

Unspoilt beauty

Explore landscape filled with glaciers, mountains, and vast plains unspoilt by human habitat. Get bewildered by the culmination of land, sea and ice surrounded by the Arctic Ocean.

Extreme Adventures

Experience the vast lands and waters in both solitude and solace. Participate in all fun and adventurous endeavours like kayaking, hiking, and sea cruising.