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The Poles

The ultimate bucket list of adventures, journeys to the most extreme points of the Earth is a dream of those who have conquered many frontiers.
  • Season we visit

    January - December and July - September

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  • Activities & Attractions

    Midnight Sun, Thick Ice, Icebreakers, Wilderness, Emperor Penguins, Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Walrus, Whales, Glaciers, Icebergs, Hiking, Ice cruising, Birding, Polar Plunge, Ice Fishing, Ice Caving, Rock Climbing, Thrilling adventures

Destination Overview

Located on constantly shifting ice, it’s impossible to mark a permanent habitation of North Pole as it moves every year, quite opposite to our extreme South Pole! With the world’s most powerful icebreakers, reaching these destinations has not only become possible, but also safe and sustainable. While only a very few get the chance to experience these places, expeditions to these destinations are truly exclusive.

What to Expect

To the Top of the World

Experience a moment of true realisation and gratitude with the privilege to stand at the very top of the world. Only about 1,000 people travel to the North Pole every year

To the Bottom of the World

The feeling of being at the ultimate end point of earth would be no less thrilling then its top! With even a fewer having the chance to explore South Pole compared to the North Pole, the feeling of making it here itself is a whole indescribable experience

Cruise on Luxury Icebreaker

The worlds only luxury icebreaker Le Commandment Charcot, is the first LNG-powered electric hybrid polar expedition vessel, and the only PC-2 ice class passenger vessel. Not only does she offers the most luxurious experience at extreme destinations, but also navigates the region with utmost safety

Or Fly-in and Glamp at Antarctica

Have a more land-based expedition, staying the middle of the white desert, and experiencing wilderness in the most comfortable and safest way possible. With different stay camps, you can choose the pace of your expedition - more relaxing with the surroundings or more active and thrilling

See Abundant Wildlife

From the mighty polar bear, to the Arctic Fox; Penguins to seals, rare species of whales or walruses to nesting sites of immense sea birds, life at the extremes will truly surprise you in many ways

Experience Polar Activities

Kayaking, Polar Plunge, Ice caving, Hiking, Trekking, Snowshoeing, there are just many incredible ways to explore and experience on these expeditions