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Explore the endless white scenery of the frozen continent of Antarctica in a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience with us. Embark upon the journey to this frozen land.
  • Season to visit

    October to March every year

  • Itineraries for this destination


  • Activities & Attractions

    Antarctic Peninsula, Shetland Islands, Crossing Antarctic Circle, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Chilean Fjords, Cape Horn, Penguins, whales, seals, icebergs, glaciers, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, RIB safaris, camping on snow

Destination Overview

At this remote and extreme land, life is surprisingly diverse and unique, with amazing wildlife like adorable penguins, magnificent whales, lazing seals and varied birds. As our expeditions take you closer to see the gigantic icebergs, floating icesheets, and isolated landscape, discover the unknown, and expect the unexpected. With varied packages, experience further with visits to Falklands, South Georgia, South America for a unique adventure holiday.

What to Expect

The Everyday Extraordinary

From whale sighting on deck, attending lectures, preparing for landings, small boat cruising, kayaking, hiking, to casual gatherings, there will be so much to do in a day!

Awe-inspiring Beauty

Watch majestic mountains in the icy sea, coated in thick snow; glaciers, icebergs shaped by the elements into floating sculptures, beautiful natural art forms of Antarctica.

Abundant Wildlife

Watch thriving wildlife - penguins ranging from speedy Gentoos to inquisitive Adélie, seals lounging on ice, pods of whales, sometimes feasting on an explosion of krill.

Close Encounters

Go on polarcirkel boats to see icebergs, wildlife sites or encounter marine life up close and personal, as an included experience during your journeys

Special Activities

Get chances to go kayaking, snowshoeing, or even camping overnight under the Antarctic sky! Experience true sense of being among the wild, doing something wild!

Explore on Expedition Vessels

Thanks to the small size of ships designed to sail such regions, we are able to navigate coastline, inlets, bays, and channels, deeply, giving us chance to visit places never seen before.

Array of Itineraries

Explore Antarctica in just 11 Days, or additionally visit Falkland Islands & South Georgia over 23 days. Our Expedition Consultants can advise you the best fit based on your preferences, seasons & highlights