Explore a dramatic and fascinating polar wilderness on cruise with Hurtigruten to Svalbard. Svalbard is a group of islands located between the Arctic, Barents, Greenland and Norwegian Seas, that together create the most northern section of Norway with a vast Arctic tundra of ice fields and glaciers.

Why Svalbard?

  • It is land of the midnight sun through summer and the backdrop for the Northern Lights from autumn to spring.
  • In winter you can experience the eerie magic of 24 hour darkness of Polar Night and in summers the dreamy haze of 24-hour daylight
  • Its one of the rare places left on earth where polar bears outnumber humans
  • It is home to rich variety of wildlife - Seals, Arctic Foxes, Reindeer, thousands of migratory seabirds and the King of Arctic - Polar Bear

What more you ask? Longyearbyen, the largest settlement in Svalbard is a hive off activity all year around with a full calendar of festivals, concerts and sporting events. You can read the events that you can be part of when you take a trip with Hurtigruten's unique itineraries to Svalbard

Calendar of Events



Norway's pre- eminent jazz performers and musicians are always glad to be a part of the world's northernmost jazz festival. The music on offer during Polarjazz is not only for jazz lovers, but is an electric mix of musical experiences in the Polar Night



After several months of darkness we just have to celebrate the return of the sun. On March 8th we assemble near Svalbard Church and watch for the year's first rays to shine on the old hospital stairs. The rest of the week is a busy mix of activities, with something for all ages.


Svalbard Ski Marathon

Will you be a spectator or a participant? A trip through the Arctic, with a helicopter following you from the air - just to be safe side. 42 kilometers of serious skiing and fantastic scenery. The only marathon in Norway that can be interrupted by polar bears. 


Spitsbergen Marathon

The world's northernmost marathon is popular with both Norwegian and international runners. Due to the Gulf Stream it is generally over O° C in June, the roads are ice-free and the sun shines 24 hours a day. Run through a unique part of Norway.


Svalbard Space Run

Svalbard space run is a mountain run that starts in Longyearbyen and ends at Svalbard Satellite Station at Platåfjellet. The race track is approximately 8 kilometers long and 400 meters in elevation gain. A tough, but fun challenge for everyone who loves running.



In September we turn our focus to hops, malt and music for three full days as we hold the world's northernmost Oktober-fest! 


Dark Season Blues

Longyearbyen Blues Club hosts a very atmospheric blues festival, kicking off in the time of year when blues are best - the beginning of the Polar Night and the blue light period.



The 'art pause' is just what the name suggests - a break from the everyday grind with concerts, art exhibitions, lectures and good food served up throughout Longyearbyen. Arranged in collaboration with local artists, galleries and workshops.